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Join Agrihood

We established Agrihood through the SMRC to address local food scarcity.
One of the ways we’ve done this (so far!) is with our FREE Victory Garden pamphlets that focus on San Manuel’s special garden needs.

By empowering people through education, sustainable community
garden projects, and tips on Victory Gardens for San Manuel-
we believe we can successfully address food scarcity- with you!

Volunteer to join up with our garden neighbors to participate!
Learn to not only grow successful desert crops, but also:

  • Solve real on-the-ground garden problems (so you eat more of what

    you grow)

  • Share garden success stories with real solutions that matter to
    San Manuel

  • Distribute “Native Seeds” grants to grow crops that will thrive

  • Help volunteer to design Agrihoods future community garden

  • Make future Pamphlets with San Manuel in mind

  • Learn to convert unused land into productive garden spaces

  • Learn to Grow some groceries from your backyard

Agrihood meets 6pm every 3rd Thursday
@ San Manuels community center (111 W 5th Ave)  




Join your neighbors at our monthly meetings! 3rd Thursday of the month at the community center in San Manuel. Help secure affordable, locally sourced food. Currently, we have 3 open positions on the committee. Send a message to Agrihood for more details!


Click below for a FREE Victory Garden Pamphlet start your garden today.

Cactus Fields

Helping the community with food scarcity through victory gardens

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